Amazon just launched it’s grand plans for whole foods

All we know that amazon is a fortune 500 e-commerce company based in seattle,washington. It has the distinction of being one of the first largest company to sell goods over the internet. Amazon sells every product in the internet ,and it has also planned to sell groceries In the internet.

Groceries in India by Amazon

Theories have been swirling as to why the world’s biggest e-commerce firm would get in to the old time business of selling groceries in stores. Now it is clear that what amazon really wanted was a slice of real estate closer to consumers,to get goods faster to them than ever.
Amazon has already started this online groceries in U.S cities(Austin,cincinnati,Dallas and virginia) and it succeeded in supplying groceries faster. It delivers fresh meat,flowers and vegetable in two hours just placing an order. And now amazon is trying to incorporate this idea in every country.

by Prasanna Maddineni

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