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                                            Fun Mate

A funny conversation between a two people:

Husband: I lost my wife, she went shopping & hasn’t come back yet.

Inspector: What is her height?

Husband:I never checked

Inspector: Slim or healthy?

Husband: Not slim, can be healthy.

Inspector: Colour of eyes?

Husband: Never noticed.


  _-End of the Conversation-_


Husband: Changes according to season.

He got beaten by my wife as she thought it was me arrivingInspector: Colour of hair?

Inspector: What was she wearing?

Husband: Not sure whether it was a dress or a suit.

Inspector: Was She driving?

Husband: Yes.

Inspector: Color of the car?

Husband: Black Audi A8 with super changed 3.0litre V6 engine generating 333 horse power teamed with an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission with manual code. And it has full LED head lights, which  use light emitting diodes for all light functions and has a very thin scratch on the front left door……….and then husband starts crying…

Inspector: Don’t worry sir, we will find your car.

                                                                                        _-End of the Conversation-_


 funny moment:

*A man was laughing when telling his friend

-At 3:30am last night, a thief entered my house.. I was at the pub and didn’t see anything..

              His friend replies:

-A thief entered your house and you are laughing?? Didn’t get anything from your house

                 -yes, he got..


                                                                                     _-End of the Conversation-_


 A small funny moment:

Teacher: If I give you two cats then I would add two cats and then I would add two cats again. How many cats do you have?

John: seven!

Teacher: listen carefully, I’ll give you two, I’ll add two more and I’ll add two more. How many cats do u have?

John: Seven Mam

Teacher: Okay like this, you might be confused. I gave you two apples then I’ll give you two more. Then I can increase two again, how many apples do u have?



John: Six

Teacher: Good! Today, If I give u two cats and increase two and add another two more. How many cats do u have?

John: Seven

Teacher: Damn you kid! Where do you get that seven and your answer is always seven?

John: Mam, I have a cat now, then you’ll give me a six, so seven. Mam seven!!!


_-End of the Conversation-_


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