Uses of Turmeric:

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 For pigmentation:

Ingredients:-  uses of turmeric

                Lemon – 1/2 slice

Honey – required quantity

Turmeric -1 spoon


Mix thoroughly all the 3ingredients.Then apply it on your face and let it dry for 15mins then rinse with warm water.

Follow up with organ oil for a healthy glow.

For Acne Treatment:

100+ best uses of turmeric uses

Turmeric is a great remedy to get rid of Acne.


Honey – 1table spoon

Turmeric – one pinch


Mix turmeric powder and honey thoroughly and apply it to face and let it dry for 10 to 15mins and then rinse it with normal water.

For lip care:-

turn dark lips to pink lips home remedies


Honey-1 Table spoon

Turmeric-1table spoon

Sugar-1/4 table spoon


Gently rub the mixture on your lips for 10 to 15 mins and then wipe it off .

Follow up with a butter.

Uses of aloe-vera:

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It has so many medical properties ,it is also called as “plant of immortality” .

The gel inside aloevera leaves is loading with several nutrients ,minerls and vitamins which are good for skin and hair.

Prevents premature aging signs:

You  can prevent premature aging signs by including aloe vera in your beauty remedies due to its high antioxidant .best home beauty tips with aloevera

To keep your skin young ,it is important to exfoliate on a weekly basis .To make an exfoliating mask .


Aloevera gel-1Tea spoon

Oatmeal-1 Tea spoon

Olive oil-1/2 Tea spoon


Blend 1 tea spoon of  fresh aloe vera gel.Then mix it with oatmeal and  olive oil.Apply this mixture on your face and neck area .Let it dry and wash with cold water .

Treats sunburns :

sun burn remedies with aloe vera

Aloe vera helps us from sunburns by its soothing properties .It also helps to retain the skin moisture level for healing sun burned skin


Aloe vera gel-1 table spoon

Lemon juice -1/2 tablespoon


Mix aloevera gel and lemon juice and massage it on a sun burns skin .Let it dry for 15 minutes ,and then rinse with it cold water .

Works as a natural makeup remover:

Instead of commercial makeup removers which damage your skin you can use aloe vera as natural makeup remover.


Aloe vera gel -2 table spoon

Cotton ball- 1


Pour aloe vera gel onto a cotton ball.  Swipe the cotton ball on your face .

Finally rinse your face with cold water .




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