A beautiful story of childhood,which ended with a beautiful marriage.

The name of girl is Dhruvita and the name of boy is Venky.The girl was very beautiful and was very innocent,use to be calm.This boy was very naughty and was very friendly and he like to make new friends.They use to studying in St.Mary’s high school and the girl was class leader. She use to be very friendly with everyone and the boy had crush on her,from his childhood. Venky use to be very loyal to her, Venky and Dhruvita were very good friends they have completed their schooling and they were in touch with each other through social media.They have completed their +12. Venky and Dhruvita both joined at same college and took same specialization and the girl was the CR of class.There was no change in her behavior, her innocence she never interfere in others matters she use to be very reserved,by seeing all those Venky started feeling for her,he use to be very loyal and was very helpful to her, She use to treat him as a friend.Years passed and they completed their degree.Their paths have changed, Venky was in touch with her.

The girl got married as soon as she completed her degree. Venky came to know this matter and this matter hurted him a lot.

He started his life again and got busy in his life,but still Venky was in touch with Dhruvita. He also felt happy that atleast Dhruvita is happy.

An year passed  away and Dhruvita started facing problems from her married life, Her husband started harassing her.she told to her parent and Dhruvita took divorce.

This news came into Venky’s Vision he felt very bad, And took the decision to marry her. He went to one of his friends and came to know Dhruvita’s address. He straight forward went to her house and kept a proposal of marriage in front of her parent

Dhruvita’s parents accepted Venky’s proposal and they both got married.

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written by Sania


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